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Are You Having High Cholesterol? Jigsimur Is What You Need (Call +2349077019026)

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Location: Lagos

Price: ₦19,000 Negotiable



What Is High Cholesterol?


High Cholesterol is a condition in which you have too many lipids(fat) in your blood.

Your body needs just the right amount of lipids to function. If you have too many lipids, your body can't use them all. The extra lipids start to build up in your arteries. They combine with other substances in your blood to form plaque(fatty deposits).


This plaque might not cause any problem for years, but over time, the plaque silently gets bigger and bigger within your arteries. This is why untreated high cholesterol is dangerous. Those extra lipids in your blood help make the plaque bigger without you knowing it. The only way to know you have high cholesterol is through a blood test.


How Does High Cholesterol Affect Your Body?


Over time, high cholesterol leads to plaque buildup inside your blood vessels which increase your risk of many different medical conditions. That's because your blood vessels do important work all throughout your body. So when there is a problem in one of your blood vessels, there is ripple effect.

You can think of your blood vessels as a complex network of pipes that keeps blood flowing through your body. Plaque sticks to the inner walls of your blood vessels and limit how much blood can flow through.

When you have high cholesterol, you have plaque forming inside your blood vessels. The longer you go without treatment, the bigger the plaque gets. As the plaque gets bigger, your blood vessels become narrowed or blocked. Your blood vessels may still work for a long time but they won't work as efficiently as they should.


High cholesterol raises your risk of other medical conditions depending on which blood vessels are clogged.


Jigsimur is what you need to balance your cholesterol level, Jigsimur takes care of everything at once. 

To order, Call/Whatsapp +2349077019026 

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*Price List*

Small bottle(250ml) - N8,000

1 Big bottle(750ml) - N19,000

2 Big bottles - N37,000

3 Big bottles - N54,000

4 Big bottles - N70,000

5 Big bottles or more will be at the rate of N17,000


We deliver to your doorstep, money for delivery depend on your location. We also ship to countries like USA, UK, CANADA, etc

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